Testul din anul 2019, prima sesiune, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

!!!Pentru fiecare întrebare a testului de cunoștințe sunt prevăzute patru variante de răspuns notate cu litere de la a) la d). Dintre aceste patru variante una și numai una singură reprezintă răspunsul corect.

61. Sometimes I ... TV until late at night. :
a) I'm watching;
b) watch;
c) will watch;
d) watched.

62. Mike ... in that company for forty years before he retired. :
a) has worked;
b) has been working;
c) had been working;
d) was working.

63. I ... what you mean about that comedian. His jokes are really clever. :
a) see;
b) am seeing;
c) am not seeing;
d) doesn't see.

64. When I saw her, she ... a blue dress. :
a) wears;
b) was wearing;
c) used to wear;
d) wore.

65. This is a new experience for me because I ... a bicycle before. :
a) haven't ridden;
b) don't ride;
c) didn't ride;
d) wasn't riding.

66. I have noticed you ... your English homework all morning. :
a) are writing;
b) have written;
c) have been writing;
d) write.

67. The Indians ... more about nature than the white men. :
a) new;
b) knew;
c) knowed;
d) known.

68. I think I ... a new computer this year. :
a) will need;
b) am needing;
c) will have needed;
d) have needed.

69. This time next week the Smiths ... in the Mediterranean. :
a) will cruise;
b) are going to cruise;
c) are cruising;
d) will be cruising.

70. She says she ... the washing up later. :
a) would do;
b) does;
c) is going to do;
d) has been doing.

71. How often ... by plane? :
a) you travel;
b) do you travel;
c) are you travelling;
d) you are travelling.

72. The whole town ... in recent years. :
a) was rebuilt;
b) will rebuild;
c) is being rebuilt;
d) has been rebuilt.

73. Last year I had the opportunity of ... to London to visit it for the first time. :
a) go;
b) going;
c) to go;
d) to going.

74. Learning French on my own doesn't seem to help me too much. Do you think I ... some lessons? :
a) must to take;
b) need take;
c) had better not take;
d) should take.

75. I wish we ... enough money to buy a camper van. Then we could afford to go on holiday more often. :
a) have;
b) had;
c) will have;
d) were having.

76. I turned ... the radio just in time to hear the weather report. :
a) on;
b) in;
c) around;
d) along.

77. Father will have finished working in the garden before it ... dark. :
a) have got;
b) will get;
c) gets;
d) is getting.

78. I find such ... information rather irrelevant for our investigation. :
a) an;
b) the;
c) piece;
d) - .

79. His mother told him to go to bed and ... till he was called. :
a) didn't get up;
b) shouldn' t get up;
c) not to get up;
d) not get up.

80. That's the young man ... the teacher saw doing graffiti. :
a) that;
b) which;
c) where;
d) whose.

81. She shouldn't use that towel, it's not ... .:
a) her;
b) hers;
c) she;
d) her's.

82. I have forgotten ... .:
a) when does the train leave;
b) when the train leaving;
c) when the train leaves;
d) when will the train leave.

83. She's always been ... in her class. :
a) the shyest;
b) the shier;
c) the shyer;
d) as shy.

84. "How far is the chemist's?" "It's ... than you think." :
a) farthest;
b) farther;
c) the farthest;
d) the further.

85. "I can't speak French." "..." :
a) Neither I;
b) Neither me;
c) Neither I can;
d) Neither can I.

86. Jane will never pass this exam unless she ... harder:
a) studies;
b) will study;
c) doesn't study;
d) won't study.

87. If people ... more vegetables, they would be happier and live longer.:
a) eat;
b) have eaten;
c) ate;
d) would eat.

88. Your boss finally agreed with your solution to the crisis, ... ?:
a) did he;
b) didn't he;
c) was he;
d) wasn't he.

89. There is too ... furniture in my room. :
a) much;
b) many;
c) a little;
d) a few.

90. They have lots of animal species on their farm, including ... .:
a) oxen;
b) oxes;
c) ox;
d) oxies.

!!!Fiecare răspuns corect este apreciat cu un punct.

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