Testul din anul 2020, la limba engleză, a doua sesiune, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

!!!Pentru fiecare întrebare a testului de cunoștințe sunt prevăzute patru variante de răspuns notate cu litere de la a) la d). Dintre aceste patru variante una și numai una singură reprezintă răspunsul corect.

61. Stop making noise! My little son ... for half an hour:
a) sleeps;
b) sleeping;
c) has been sleeping;
d) is sleeping.

62. 'Did you buy that book?' 'No, it ... to me for my birthday.':
a) is given;
b) gave;
c) was given;
d) has given.

63. We ... cross the street only when the light is green:
a) must not;
b) must;
c) has to;
d) cannot.

64. The police ... looking for the man who stole my purse.:
a) is;
b) am;
c) has been;
d) are.

65. Does your sister believe ... love at first sight?:
a) in;
b) at;
c) of;
d) with.

66. My sister has got two ... in her attic.:
a) mouses;
b) mices;
c) mouse;
d) mice.

67. Your chances of winning are ... than his.:
a) best;
b) better;
c) good;
d) gooder.

68. The stranger asked me where ... .:
a) the railway station was;
b) is the railway station;
c) the railway station is;
d) was the railway station.

69. It's high time we ... her the truth.:
a) would have told;
b) tell;
c) will tell;
d) told.

70. If I ... you, I would look for a new job.:
a) am;
b) were;
c) was;
d) had been.

71. I have ... money left. Therefore, I cannot buy the book.:
a) a few;
b) few;
c) a little;
d) little.

72. Will you call me when you ... your exam results?:
a) will get;
b) will have got;
c) get;
d) are getting.

73. A man ... wife is dead is a widower.:
a) whose;
b) who's;
c) which;
d) whom.

74. Father gave up ... a long time ago.:
a) to smoke;
b) smoking;
c) smoke;
d) to smoking.

75. Close the window, ...?:
a) do you;
b) are you;
c) may you;
d) will you.

76. You can't rely ... your brother. He has his head in the clouds.:
a) to;
b) with;
c) at;
d) on.

77. Tom is in the ... of running ten kilometres per day.:
a) habit;
b) custom;
c) trend;
d) fashion.

78. ... he was tired, he went on working.:
a) If;
b) In spite;
c) Even;
d) Although.

79. He was tired so he stopped ... a rest.:
a) having;
b) to have;
c) have;
d) to having.

80. It ... be Annie who is crossing the street; Annie's taller.:
a) mustn't;
b) wouldn't;
c) can't;
d) shouldn't.

81. A young man helped me to carry my ...:
a) luggages;
b) piece of luggages;
c) pieces of luggages;
d) luggage.

82. Tom has been our classmate ... one year.:
a) for;
b) since;
c) past;
d) ago.

83. We saw ... in the mirror.:
a) ourself;
b) ourselve;
c) ourselves;
d) ourselfs.

84. 'Did you make dinner last night?' 'No, by the time I got home, my family ... dinner.:
a) had;
b) had already had;
c) has already had;
d) have already had.

85. The concert was wonderful. The orchestra played very ... .:
a) good;
b) best;
c) well;
d) better.

86. The businessman owes his ... to his excellent public relations.:
a) ambition;
b) goal;
c) challenge;
d) success.

87. This author, ... is very popular, has published a new book.:
a) that;
b) who;
c) which;
d) whom.

88. The more you exercise, ... you get.:
a) the fitter;
b) the more fitter;
c) the fittest;
d) the fit.

89. ... the children nor their parents wanted to go to Paris.:
a) Either;
b) Either of;
c) Neither;
d) All.

90. Mark would have visited you if he ... the time.:
a) had had;
b) had;
c) has had;
d) has.

!!!Fiecare răspuns corect este apreciat cu un punct.

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