Test Engleza 2005


1. She ... here ... two months,

a) have been / for;
b) is / since;
c) is being / since;
d) has been / for.

2. While I ... last night, a friend of mine ... me up.

a) was studying / rang;
b) am studying / will ring;
c) had studied / would ring;
d) studied / rang.

3. He fell in love with that beautiful ... girl,

a) blue-eyes;
b) blue-eyed;
c) blue eye;
d) eyes-blue.

4. He'll be late for the train, if he ... home at once,

a) doesn't leave;
b) didn't leave;
c) leaves;
d) left.

5. His mother scolded him because he ... TV for a few hours,

a) watched;
b) was watching;
c) had been watching;
d) has been watching.

6. Hardly ... the house ... the rain started,

a) did he leave/when;
b) had he Ieft/when;
c) had he left/than;
d) he left/that.

7. You know how the saying goes: "No news ... good news",

b) has;
c) be;
d) is.

8. We ... the books to the library by seven o'clock last night,

a) were returning;
b) had returned;
c) have returned;
d) returned.

9. Don't boil eggs ...; we like them ....

a) hard / soft;
b) hardly / softly;
c) hard / softly;
d) hardy / soft.

10. He introduced me to his boys, one of ... offered to go with me.

a) whose;
b) what;
c) those;
d) whom.

11. "To undergo" means:

a) to go by tube;
b) to slow down;
c) to experience;
d) to underpay.

12. If I had a typewriter, I ... it myself,

a) would type;
b) will type;
c) would have typed;
d) type.

13. It's about time you ... your hair cut!

a) have;
b) should have;
c) are having;
d) had.

14. I wish mother ... here when I broke my leg.

a) were;
b) was;
c) had been;
d) would have been.

15. The synonym of "to persuade" is:

a) to convince;
b) to believe;
c) to trust;
d) to slay.

16. "Rooster" means:

a) hen;
b) cock;
c) peacock;
d) turkey.

17. This kind of merchandise ... rapidly,

a) is sold;
b) sells;
c) are sold;
d) sell.

18. I said something which made matters much worse. If only I ... my mouth shut!

a) kept;
b) were keeping;
c) would have kept;
d) had kept.

19. He was made ... president of his country when he was fifty.

a) an;
b) a;
c) -;
d) the.

20. I heard him giving you ... advice,

a) a few;
b) any;
c) many;
d) a piece of.

21. Whenever they gave us a ring, we ... to meet them,

a) went;
b) will go;
c) have gone;
d) had gone.

22. I hate secrets and I don't like to be treated as if I ... a child,

a) had been;
b) am;
c) were;
d) would be.

23. You will never see her again unless you ... the ransom,

a) don't pay;
b) pay;
c) will pay;
d) won't pay.

24. They said the luggage ... so heavy, that no porter could carry ....

a) is/it;
b) are / them;
c) was/it;
d) was/them.

25. Ann doesn't speak French and ... does George,

a) neither;
b) too;
c) no;
d) also.

26. Although the pilot was badly hurt he ... to explain what ....

a) could / happened;
b) was able /had happened;
c) couldn't / would happen;
d) must/was happening.

27. I think I have forgotten all our ....

a) tooth-brush;
b) teeth-brush;
c) teeth-brushes;
d) toothbrushes.

28. He has worked for us ever since he ... school,

a) has left;
b) left;
c) had left;
d) had been leaving.

29. After they did not talk a long time, the two friends made it ... with each other,

a) up;
b) out;
c) at;
d) on.

30. I'm afraid you'll never get used to ... work at 7 a.m. ...?

a) start / will you;
b) starting / will you;
c) starting / won't you;
d) start / aren't you.

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