Testul din anul 2008, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

61. It's time you ... if you will come or stay.
a) decided;
b) have decided;
c) will decide.

62. She wishes she ... to see that play last night.
a) would have gone;
b) went;
c) had gone.

63. Who ... is tolerant?Mr. or. Mrs. Brown?
a) the most;
b) as;
c) the more.

64. The more carefully you read, ... you'll understand the book.
a) best;
b) the better;
c) the best.

65. Could you give me ... more milk in my tea?
a) a little;
b) many;
c) a few.

66. There is hardly ... wine left.
a) some;
b) no;
c) any.

67. We had to queue for nearly two hours, and ... .
a) neither had he;
b) so did he;
c) so should he.

68. The journey was ... longer than I thought it would be.
a) farther;
b) very;
c) much.

69. No sooner ... his umbrella than it began to rain again.
a) had he closed;
b) has he closed;
c) did he close.

70. The new theatre ... next month.
a) has been opened;
b) will be opened;
c) was opened.

71. Suppose you ... the exam, what would you do?
a) failed;
b) would fail;
c) have failed.

72. They were ... nice people that everybody enjoyed their company.
a) so;
b) such;
c) such a.

73. I ... my mother to sew up the hole in my shirt.
a) made;
b) had;
c) got.

74. She spends ... money on clothes.
a) a large amount of;
b) a couple of;
c) a great number of.

75. ... of these two records do you like best?
a) which;
b) who;
c) whose.

76. Let's visit the museum, ... ?
a) shall we;
b) will you;
c) do we.

77. She was very tired, ... she couldn't sleep.
a) although;
b) despite;
c) yet.

78. I had my car ... yesterday.
a) mend;
b) mending;
c) mended.

79. If I had got up earlier, I ... the train.
a) didn't miss;
b) wouldn't have missed;
c) won't have missed.

80. If he ... so much in his early career, he wouldn't be so rich now.
a) didn't work;
b) hadn't worked;
c) wouldn't work.

81. We've decided to go to ... Canary Islands on holiday. Last year we went to ... Crete and liked ... people there very much.
a) the / - / the;
b) a / - / the;
c) - / the / -.

82. We suggested ... to the Lake District as it would be the best place to find hotel rooms each night.
a) to go;
b) going;
c) having gone.

83. He regretted ... lies to his parents when he was young.
a) to tell;
b) telling;
c) to be telling.

84. Last June my brother ... a car. He had an old scooter before , but it ... several times during the spring.
a) wanted to buy / had broken down;
b) wanted buying / was breaking down;
c) liked to buy / was breaking up.

85. He said he ... me up tonight.
a) may ring;
b) might ring;
c) may have rung.

86. I ... asleep while I was working because it took me a long time to realise that the telephone ... .
a) ought to fall / rang;
b) had to fall / has rung;
c) must have fallen / was ringing.

87. My boss ... on holiday tomorrow and he ... arrange everyhing before he ... .
a) is going / wants me to / leaves;
b) shall go / wants me to / will leave;
c) shall be going / wants that I / shall leave.

88. While I was walking down the street other day, somebody asked me ... .
a) what was the time;
b) what the time was;
c) what is the time.

89. They said I ... manage to mend it myself.
a) won't;
b) wouldn't;
c) don't.

90. I've just seen Mary ... the village.
a) to walk towards;
b) walking towards;
c) walking against.

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