Testul din anul 2011, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

61. We are going ... the opera tomorrow night:
a) at;
b) under;
c) in;
d) to.

62. This is ... winter we have had for 20 years:
a) the worst;
b) the more bad;
c) worst;
d) worse.

63. Her parents often complain because she comes home ...:
a) lately;
b) latest;
c) latter;
d) late.

64. I look forward ... you soon:
a) seeing;
b) to seeing;
c) to see;
d) that I see.

65. She's much taller ... me:
a) than;
b) as;
c) that;
d) like.

66. We're having a party ... April:
a) in;
b) on;
c) at;
d) to.

67. If you hadn't seen that film, you ... such a bad dream:
a) don't have;
b) won't have;
c) wouldn't have had;
d) shouldn't have.

68. I'll hit you, if you ... that again:
a) would say;
b) 'll say;
c) had said;
d) say.

69. He said that the thieves ... by the boys:
a) had been seen;
b) has been seen;
c) was seen;
d) will be seen.

70. ... a successful author one day:
a) I'm being;
b) I am going to be;
c) I go to be;
d) I be.

71. She's ... university teacher:
a) a;
b) an;
c) the;
d) one.

72. If you want ... advice, go to Mary:
a) a;
b) the;
c) an;
d) some.

73. Sam and Luke have been best friends ... they were children:
a) until;
b) since;
c) for;
d) when.

74. Hurry up! The train ... in five minutes:
a) leaves;
b) left;
c) was leaving;
d) do leave.

75. There are no certain ... that he is guilty :
a) prooves;
b) proves;
c) proofs;
d) proofes.

76. Passing the exam at so young an age was quite an ...:
a) achievement;
b) achieve;
c) achiever;
d) achievable.

77. Could I have ... drink?:
a) other;
b) an other;
c) another;
d) others.

78. Why ... ?:
a) those men are laughing;
b) are laughing those men;
c) are those men laughing;
d) is those men laughing.

79. She was lying in the middle of the road, ... for help:
a) she was crying;
b) she cried;
c) crying;
d) and she will cry.

80. We met when we ... in France:
a) study;
b) were studying;
c) are studying;
d) have studied.

81. This is the first time I ... a sports car:
a) have driven;
b) am driving;
c) drive;
d) was driving.

82. Don't interrupt me ... I am talking:
a) while;
b) by the time;
c) until;
d) after.

83. She told us we ... come as well:
a) might;
b) may;
c) can;
d) will.

84. Did he say if ... lend you that money?:
a) could he;
b) can he;
c) he could;
d) he.

85. ... you speak France?:
a) Is;
b) Are;
c) Does;
d) Do.

86. The students ... go to this school are all very intelligent:
a) which;
b) where;
c) what;
d) who.

87. John Hastings ..., has just come to live in our street :
a) which I was at school with;
b) I were at school with;
c) with who I was at school;
d) with whom I was at school.

88. It would be nice if we ... a bit more room:
a) had;
b) would have;
c) have;
d) will have.

89. ... you see the lights?:
a) May;
b) Shan't;
c) Can't;
d) Shouldn't.

90. ... help me?:
a) Can you to;
b) Do you can;
c) Can you;
d) Did you can.

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