Testul din anul 2016, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

61. He ... done it all by himself, somebody helped him.:
a) must have;
b) would have;
c) shouldn't have;
d) couldn't have.

62. If you ... me, I might have forgotten.:
a) didn't remind;
b) hadn't reminded;
c) wouldn't remind;
d) wouldn't have reminded.

63. She told me she ... me know as soon as she ... the money.:
a) will let/ has got;
b) would let/ had got;
c) would let/ would have got;
d) will let/ will have got.

64. Don't disturb the priest. He ... his prayers now.:
a) is talking;
b) tells;
c) speaks;
d) is saying.

65. By next Sunday, my father ... a whole month without smoking a cigarette:
a) has been going;
b) has gone;
c) will go;
d) will have gone.

66. I must feed my ... cats today.:
a) friends mother's;
b) friend's mothers';
c) friend's mother;
d) friend's mother's.

67. We ... to the station when it began to rain.:
a) walked;
b) are walking;
c) were walking;
d) was walking.

68. My husband works too ... . I wish he ... his job.:
a) hard/ had loved;
b) hardly/ loved;
c) hard/ would change;
d) hardly/ changed.

69. They asked the tourist how long he ... to stay in the country.:
a) is going;
b) goes;
c) went;
d) was going.

70. We saw ... in the mirror.:
a) ourself;
b) ourselves;
c) ourselfs;
d) ourselfes.

71. If you ... see him. tell him to phone me.:
a) would;
b) might;
c) should;
d) will.

72. If you accept to do that for me, I'll pay you ... .:
a) three times;
b) in threes;
c) threefold;
d) third times.

73. There is too ... furniture in my room.:
a) much;
b) many;
c) few;
d) a lot.

74. He isn't allowed ... at home.:
a) smoke;
b) smoking;
c) to smoke;
d) to smoking.

75. They insisted on ... the party at midnight.:
a) beginning;
b) we begin;
c) to begin;
d) begin.

76. It's time you ... up your mind about what you are going to do with your life.:
a) have made;
b) made;
c) make;
d) has made.

77. They haven't seen each other ... .:
a) late;
b) lastly;
c) lately;
d) later.

78. Unless you ... him, he will not help you.:
a) won't ask;
b) don't ask;
c) ask;
d) would ask.

79. When you ... this book, will lend it to me?:
a) will read;
b) will have read;
c) will be reading;
d) have read.

80. You will help us, ... ?:
a) don't you;
b) you will;
c) won't you;
d) you will not.

81. If you ... to me, you wouldn't be in this situation now.:
a) listen;
b) will listen;
c) would listen;
d) had listened.

82. How often ... elections in your country?:
a) you have;
b) have you;
c) do you have;
d) had you got.

83. He was stabbed ... a knife.:
a) by;
b) from;
c) with;
d) of.

84. ... this sort of work before?:
a) Have you ever done;
b) Will you do;
c) Had you ever done;
d) What have you done.

85. When we arrived, the party ... .:
a) already has begun;
b) already began;
c) begun;
d) had already begun.

86. ... is an interesting field of science.:
a) Acoustic;
b) Acoustices;
c) Acoustics;
d) Acousticks.

87. Jack ... here for three years, from 2012 to 2015.:
a) worked;
b) has worked;
c) have worked;
d) works.

88. How many ... have you got lately?:
a) informations;
b) information;
c) pieces of information;
d) pieces of informations.

89. Neither he nor his sister is a quiet child. ... are naughty.:
a) Each;
b) All;
c) Both;
d) None.

90. If it ... for the fog, the plane could have landed.:
a) wasn't;
b) weren't;
c) wouldn't be;
d) hadn't been.

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