Testul din anul 2017, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

61. Do you know where ...?
a) was Shakespeare born;
b) has Shakespeare been born;
c) did Shakespeare born;
d) Shakespeare was born.

62. Betty ... a lot of presents on her birthday.
a) was been given;
b) gave;
c) was giving;
d) was given.

63. The detective provided me with ... important information.
a) a lot of;
b) another;
c) an;
d) a.

64. My nephews speak French really ... .
a) good;
b) well;
c) better;
d) best.

65. Last month my brother earned ... I did.
a) twice as much as;
b) twice more as;
c) twice more than;
d) twice as.

66. You ... listen to me when I'm talking to you!
a) can;
b) need;
c) should;
d) ought.

67. You can't go out in such ... weather.
a) a;
b) -;
c) an;
d) the.

68. We would go for a walk if .... .
a) the storm were not;
b) it was not the storm;
c) it would not be for the storm;
d) it weren't for the storm.

69. I will go fishing with you tomorrow if I ... free.
a) am;
b) shall be;
c) were;
d) am going to be.

70. I'm really looking ... Christmas this year.
a) after;
b) out for;
c) into;
d) forward to.

71. This is ... food left, it's not enough for everyone.
a) much;
b) little;
c) few;
d) a few.

72. You will have lunch after you ... your hands.
a) have washed;
b) washed;
c) will wash;
d) had washed.

73. When we got to the chalet, it ... for three hours.
a) was raining;
b) has been raining;
c) had been raining;
d) will be raining.

74. This time tomorrow our friends ... to Egypt.
a) will be travelling;
b) would travel;
c) will travel;
d) will have travelled.

75. The harder he worked ... .
a) were the better his results;
b) his results were the better;
c) the better his results were;
d) the better were his results.

76. She would have caught a train if she ... a taxi.
a) took;
b) would take;
c) would have taken;
d) had taken.

77. I am three years older than you ...?
a) isn't it;
b) am I;
c) aren't I;
d) is it.

78. "Where is your mother now?" "She ... be cooking at the moment."
a) can;
b) must;
c) need;
d) had to.

79. All her children take advantage ... her generosity.
a) for;
b) with;
c) of;
d) in.

80. My uncle, ... was born abroad, now lives here.
a) which;
b) that;
c) what;
d) who.

81. I think she is going to be ... her mother.
a) so pretty than;
b) as pretty than;
c) so pretty as;
d) as pretty as.

82. John asked if he can bring a friend of ... to the party.
a) him;
b) her;
c) his;
d) hers.

83. "I lived in London for ten years." He said ..., in London for ten years.
a) he lived;
b) he had lived;
c) he was living;
d) he would live.

84. "Where are your parents?" She asked ... .
a) where my parents were;
b) where were my parents;
c) where are my parents;
d) where my parents are.

85. My house ... at the moment.
a) will be painted;
b) is being painted;
c) was painted;
d) has been painted.

86. He is lazy. He ... studies at all.
a) always;
b) often;
c) hardly;
d) sometimes.

87. "What will you do next week?" He asked me ... .
a) what will I do next week;
b) what I would do the next week;
c) what would I do the next week;
d) what I will do next week.

88. While I ... in the park I met my friend.
a) was walking;
b) walked;
c) had walked;
d) would walk.

89. If you don't know the word, look it ... in the dictionary.
a) on;
b) up;
c) over;
d) out.

90. You should wipe your ... before you enter the house.
a) foot;
b) foots;
c) feet;
d) feets.

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