Test Engleza sesiunea octombrie 2023 - februarie 2024


76. I don't know and that's ... truth.

a. -
b. a
c. the
d. an

77. Three people lost their ... in this car accident.

a. lives
b. lifes
c. life
d. living

78. I don't believe John won the competition. He used to be one of the ... runners in his class.

a. slowly
b. slower
c. most slowly
d. slowest

79. Please don't trust... . Come and see for ... .

a. me / your
b. her / you
c. me / yourself
d. she / yourself

80. How ... question my honesty?

a. do you dare
b. dare you
c. you dare to
d. did you dared to

81. Danish ... to be a difficult language to learn.

a. is being told
b. is told
c. is being said
d. is said

82. Please promise to stay here... I get back.

a. until
b. after
c. as soon as
d. if

83. The two sisters are very much ...,

a. unlike
b. like
c. alike
d. As

84. Unfortunately, sometimes competitions bring out the ... in the participants.

a. bad
b. worst
c. badly
d. worse

85. I am the bravest,... ?

a. am I
b. aren't I
c. am not I
d. don't I

86. "I don't want you to leave", he told her.

a. He told her that he didn't want her leave.
b. Me told her that he wanted not to leave her.
c. He told her he didn't want to leave her.
d. He told her that he didn't want her to leave.

87. Sometimes he speaks to me as if I... a child and it annoys me.

a. were
b. have been
c. had been
d. be

88. "... me to buy some coffee"?

a. Remember
b. Suggest
c. Remind
d. Insist

89. I... hands with him when he came in.

a. gave
b. shook
c. greeted
d. offered

90. Your pen is on the floor. ... !

a. Take it up
b. Rise it
c. Put it up
d. Pick it up

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