Testul pregătitor nr. 2, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

1. If a person is as cold as ..., they are unemotional.:
a) stone;
b) glass;
c) cucumber;
d) ice-cream.

2. When a ship is sinking, which order is given?:
a) Jump out the ship!;
b) Abandom ship!;
c) Leave the ship!;
d) Escape the ship!.

3. Which sentence is correct?:
a) I look forward of seeing you!;
b) I look forward for seeing you!;
c) I look forward at seeing you!;
d) I look forward to seeing you!.

4. A child who hits smaller children is called:
a) a tyrant;
b) a hitter;
c) a bully;
d) an enemy.

5. Which is wrong?:
a) to do homework;
b) to do shopping;
c) to make a good impression;
d) to make a good job.

6. Which is wrong?:
a) I did lent her some money;
b) I have lent her some money;
c) I had lent her some money;
d) I did lend her some money.

7. Which two words sound the same?:
a) well, will;
b) wheel, we'll;
c) will, we'll;
d) well, we'll.

8. A person who is bad and makes other bad is a bad ...:
a) blood;
b) egg;
c) mouth;
d) apple.

9. Which sentence is written in Passive?:
a) A house is being built;
b) She is going to school;
c) They are reading a book;
d) I am at home.

10. Which of the following words is British English?:
a) elevator;
b) mum;
c) truck;
d) buck.

11. Which sentence is correct?:
a) The telephone is calling;
b) The phone is sounding;
c) The telephone is ringing;
d) The phone is calling.

12. If you shout at the top of your ..., you shout as loudly as you possibly can:
a) list;
b) lungs;
c) heart;
d) will.

13. "I like playing basketball":
a) I do also;
b) So I like;
c) So I like;
d) So do I.

14. Which word is not correct?:
a) pianos;
b) potatoes;
c) oxen;
d) photoes.

15. "Can you give me ...?":
a) an advice;
b) some advices;
c) advices;
d) some advice.

16. "Have you seen her?" "Yes, I ... .":
a) did;
b) saw;
c) have seen;
d) have.

17. He doesn't like ... television.:
a) watch;
b) looking;
c) watching;
d) see.

18. "Have you ever been to Norway?" "Yes, I ... there two years ago".:
a) have been;
b) went;
c) had been;
d) were.

19. "Can we ... at your house and go for a walk in the park together?":
a) see;
b) meet;
c) come;
d) arrive.

20. He hasn't written to me ... we met last winter.:
a) since;
b) sense;
c) before;
d) for.

21. "Must I take my umbrella?" "No, you ... . It is not going to rain".:
a) needn't;
b) don't;
c) have to;
d) mustn't.

22. How can I ... to the post office?
a) get;
b) arrive;
c) reach;
d) find.

23. "I don't like this music." "..."
a) I neither;
b) Neither do I;
c) Neither I;
d) Neither I do.

24. Step off the flower beds, ...?
a) shall you;
b) do you;
c) will you;
d) are you.

25. There are a few things that can be done for her, ...?
a) are there;
b) can't they;
c) aren't there;
d) can they.

26. They have hardly ever talked to you, ...?
a) have they;
b) haven't they;
c) didn't they;
d) did they.

27. I can't help ... at her funny hat.
a) not laughing;
b) laughing;
c) laugh;
d) to laughing.

28. ..., but her mother.
a) It wasn't Jane that phoned;
b) Not Jane phoned;
c) It was Jane who phoned;
d) There was Jane that phoned.

29. Which of the two books do you want to buy? "..."
a) Neither one;
b) None;
c) Neither;
d) No one.

30. ... you won't catch up with them.
a) Try as hard as you may;
b) Even you try hard;
c) Trying even hard;
d) In spite if you try hard.

31. ... the ugliest girl in the world, I still like her.
a) Even she may be;
b) Let her be;
c) Though she may be;
d) If she be.

32. ... we have decided to win the contest, we have been training all morning.
a) As;
b) For;
c) Because of;
d) Because.

33. She has to take care of her sick mother now, ... she has nobody to look after her.
a) because;
b) for;
c) as;
d) since.

34. After the play ... we'll see our friends home.
a) will be over;
b) is over;
c) was over;
d) will have been over.

35. I'll call you as soon ... ready for the trip.
a) I am;
b) as I will be;
c) as I am ;
d) as I would be.

36. By the time they ..., we'll have prepared everything for the party.
a) will come;
b) are coming;
c) come;
d) came.

37. As he is so hard-working, he did the work just as you ... .
a) have told him;
b) would have told him;
c) have been telling him;
d) had told him.

38. Tell me the reason ... you haven't called us for so long.
a) for what;
b) why;
c) of why;
d) what for.

39. This is the man ... in the restaurant.
a) who I saw;
b) who I saw him;
c) whom I saw;
d) who did I see.

40. Let's go to a film ... .
a) that we might both enjoy it;
b) which it might enjoy us;
c) which we might both enjoy;
d) which might we both enjoy.

41. This is Jennifer, ... prepares dinner.
a) that;
b) what;
c) which;
d) who.

42. The book you recommended me, ... was very funny, was a pleasure to read.:
a) which;
b) who;
c) that;
d) what.

43. ... the police ask, tell them we have left early.
a) Will;
b) Would;
c) Could;
d) Should.

44. Unless you ... him, he will not help you.
a) will ask;
b) ask;
c) don't ask;
d) won't ask.

45. If they ... the alarm clock, they wouldn't have missed the plane.
a) set;
b) would set;
c) had set;
d) were set.

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